Internship Program

House of Prayer has served as a teaching congregation for six different interns over eight years. The congregation has been committed to providing vicars with opportunities for learning, growth, and feedback. The intern program is seen as one of the energizing and rewarding ministries of this congregation and a way to help build leaders for the larger church.

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One of the steps along the path for becoming an ELCA pastor requires that the seminary student spends 9-12 months as a Pastoral Intern, or Vicar. Vicars serve their internship sites/ teaching congregations in a variety of roles. They experience and participate in all aspects of Pastoral Ministry - preaching, assisting & leading worship, teaching, providing pastoral care, and providing leadership and administration. Also, some Vicars are required to complete a project. The project can focus on Evangelism, Stewardship, Lay Ministry, Ecumenism, or Community Engagement. The internship project gives the vicar an opportunity to develop leadership skills, build relationships with lay leaders, and explore creative and new ways of doing ministry.

Pastor Susan Henry has been the internship supervisor for all of House of Prayer’s interns. She has given the Vicars guidance and shared her wisdom over the years. She is committed to helping future leaders of the Church hone their gifts and skills.

The congregation is also core to the intern’s formation. The congregation as a whole creates an atmosphere where creativity and risk are encouraged so that the intern can grow in their pastoral abilities and in their sense of call. Some members of the congregation also walk closer alongside the intern by serving on the Internship Committee. Over the course of the year this group reviews sermons, discusses the intern’s ministry, and provide feedback to challenge and encourage them.